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First things first, this game is UNOFFICIAL, and has no connection to Nintendo or the Pokémon company. It is intended for recreational use and will always be free to download with no intentions to make any profit off of it. Please do not reuse or resell anything relating to Pokémon within it.

This is a collaborative storytelling game set in the Pokémon universe. It can be GM-led, Guided, GM-Less or used for solo play.  It is diceless and uses token mechanics similar to No Dice, No Masters games. 

In this game you can play small single session stories or long dramatic campaigns as any type of character you can think of in the Pokémon universe. Together you will define your Region, Towns, Locales, Trainers and Pokémon and using each of these aspects shape the narrative together through play.

Sessions have included a trek through a jungle into an ancient temple to prevent the awakening of Hoopa by an evil team, the arduous climb up a frozen volcano to have a wish granted by Jirachi, a battle inside a thunderstorm with Mega Ampharos atop a mountain, and many other wonderful stories.

If you play this game and enjoy it or are interested in playing it, please join us in the official discord server where we share stories from the game, organize sessions, and discuss upcoming content being worked on. 


Said about Pokémon Tales:

"Drawing closer to the animated series than just a crunchy battle simulation, the rules for Pokémon Tales actively help you tell great stories, instead of standing in the way of them." - Moss, Brewist Tabletop Games

"A perfectly tuned mix of freeform narrative and mechanics. It's the realest, most tangible the world of Pokémon has ever been to me." - Alyssa, Biscuit Fund Games

“A clever set of rules for telling any kind of Pokémon story you can think of, with inventive rules for narrative combat I’m jealous I didn’t think of first.” - Chloe, Biscuit Fund Games
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Hello, I have some questions about the rules. I'm actually quite new to ttrpgs so I might have additional questions in the future. But for now, I have these:

1. I’m feeling confused on how to create the narrative. Is it mainly based on the four Actions from the Trainer sheet? When catching Pokemon or battling, are these considered as Actions? I’m most concerned about the narrative becoming too simple (lacking frequent conflicts). Are we required to make our story as challenging as the official Pokemon games? 

2. Can we play Pokemon Tales with just one player, and a Guide? Or should there be multiple Players?

3. The rules mentions that there will be NPCs. Are they only used for Solo mode? Also, if they’re a Trainer, do they also gain tokens and have a Trainer sheet of their own? Can the NPCs also be non-Trainers? 

4. I don’t quite understand the instructions for Connections on the Trainer sheet. Between my Trainer and another Trainer, who’s supposed to ask the questions, and who responds? Do I ask the Trainer about why they want/don’t want to travel with me, or do they ask me these questions? 

5. For now, I have not learned how to utilize each sheet and aspect of the rules. Is it okay if I begin the story without fully knowing each component? (Weather, Locale etc.) Is it necessary for me to use every component for the story? 

6. On the second Battle Format (? v 1!) it says, “The group of same species Pokemon can be treated as a singular Pokemon with increased difficulty.” How do I show that their difficulty has increased? Can it be interpreted freely? 

7. This is kind of an extension of my first question lol. Does every detail or event we add need to fall under the Actions from the sheets? Like, does every scene we think of need to either make us gain or lose tokens? 


      "Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon!" - Professor Oak.


      The very first time I booted up Pokémon Blue on the gray brick that was my brother's Game Boy, I was hooked. Inside was a whole new world filled with monsters, giant bugs, mythical birds, and terrifying science experiments. 

      As I traversed the pixelated world, I imagined myself journeying with my own Pokémon pals, spelunking in the cool, damp caves of Mt. Moon, or getting lost in the maze-like Viridian forest, or surfing across the vast ocean to the volcanic island of Cinnabar. As the years passed, I picked up each new game and had so many more adventures - but none of them could ever recreate that first time in 1998. Nothing, that is, until I was browsing Itch one day and found this absolute gem. 

      As I read the rules of Pokémon Tales, I could feel a childlike grin crossing my face, and the images of my 10-year-old self with his pal Squirtle at his side and the Indigo Plateau on the horizon, filled my mind. All at once, every Pokémon dream I had ever had seemed possible. 

      The simple rules coupled with the excellent guidance and examples of gameplay make learning this game a breeze, and soon I was starting out on my own Pokémon adventure. The going was tough - my starter Pokémon and I ran into some trouble in the forest near my hometown as the infamous Team Rocket attempted to steal some of the forest's rarer Pokémon. But Squirtle and I were able to team up with a spunky Phantump and send Team Rocket into the stratosphere! Afterward, Phantump joined our team, and we waved goodbye to the forest Pokémon and headed off together to our next great adventure. 

      I can't recommend Pokémon Tales enough. If you've ever wanted to blaze your own path through the world of Pokémon, meeting strange and amazing pals, then this is the right game for you. Learning to play without roleplaying game without dice may seem a little confusing at first, but once it clicks, you'll be weaving amazing stories and forging new legends in no time. 

      Thank you, Iron Echo Games, for your hard work and dedication to making something we Poké fans have been begging for all these years. 


      "Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!" - Professor Oak.

Wow, this is so incredibly nice, thank you! I'm glad the game resonated with you and you are enjoying it!

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This is an excellent indie system. I'm playing it with friends right now and using it in solo-mode to write a little fan fiction. The resources shared are also excellent! This is a rare bird: captures the spirit of the anime and works in some game mechanics!

Does it feel weird not rolling dice? Nope, my players say they like it that way.

EDIT: I'm curious if anyone has some mechanics for Dynnamax or capturing pokemon like in Legends Arceus. Just some requests from my play group.I have a few ideas I'm working with but just curious if anyone else has some ideas.

Oh wow I love everything about this review, thank you so much! Feel free to join us in the discord linked in the summary if you'd like some suggestions on how to handle some non-traditional situations like you mentioned!